desire for meaning > IQ = existential crisis

The Absurdist is well aware that the billions of galaxies in our universe contain billions of stars and these stars contain billions of planets. This is a system of such complexity, of such immensity, and of such incomprehensible grandeur that the human mind finds itself stricken with an overwhelming urge to say, “Eh,” and think about something else. But even this act of uncritically thinking involves the electrochemical exchange of billions of neurons. The truth is, wherever we look, whatever science or technology we apply, the infinite convolution of the universe—from the minuteness of the Planck Length to the 80,000 light year diameter of our Milky Way Galaxy—encourages us to raise our hands in the air, take a deep breath, and stop caring. It is in this moment of futility that we gain the ability to sit back, enjoy a beverage (hydrate, intoxicate, stimulate; whichever you like) and enjoy the ride.



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